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Car Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Very easy to use: The Car Humidifier is durable and easy to operate, Fill your diffuser up with water (plus 1 to 2 drops of essential oil. Do not add more than 2 drops of essential oil, or it will be at risk of blocking air channel) then plug into your DC jack swivel your unit the direction you want to spray, push power button and VOILA, no drier sinus!



Relax and release: Comfortable essential oil smell can help you lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety, and boost metabolism. The mini car diffuser will provide you immediate relief while driving. The Car Diffuser works both as an air humidifier and aroma diffuser.



Humidify your drive and Melt pressure: Relaxing and experience this device using your favourite fragrances! Refresh and moisturize the quality of the air you breathe on the road. The diffuser emits a cool mist that adds moisture to the air. It reduces dryness, helps dry skin, lips, sinuses, and coughs



High Safe Standard: It has a 2-hour automatic power off technology that can prevent potential security issue during running without water. advanced ultrasonic mist technology that makes the air significantly fresher.



Peace Of Mind Guarantee: Every diffuser comes with a 30 Day "Peace of Mind" replacement guarantee against defects in our premium materials and quality workmanship. The product is shipped form US warehouse.




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