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Dry Wall Board Taping Tool

Build or Renovate your home at ease with this Dry Wall Taping Tool. This tool will make applying paper or Fiberglass mesh tape, and mud easy and efficient


With two adjustable soft grip handles, you cane use this tool whether you are right handed or left handed. Our single clip design, along with a single latch with hinged lid opens easily, which will allow you to fill and empty the tape without any hassle. This way you can you focus more on taping and less on setting up.


✔ TROUBLE FREE CONSTRUCTION: Building and renovating your house has never been easier, and enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner than you could ever expect!


✔ FIRM LINKAGE: Joint together Drywall firmly and prevent the walls from cracking at the connection points!


✔ EASY FILLING: Due to a single latch with a hinged lid, you will get fast access to the tape magazine so you can load the tape and clean the tool easily!


 ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Ergonomically designed adjustable soft grip handles will allow you to use this tool whether you’re right or left handed!