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NeedlePaint™ - Handheld Mini Air Compressor Airbrush

NeedlePaint™  Makes your airbrushing Fast & Easy!
Your time is valuable, so why would you carry around bulky spray guns for small basic jobs?

NeedlePaint™ is a wireless airbrush tool that uses pressurized air in order for you to finish your job effectively and easily.
EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Our NeedlePaint™ has a built in compression fit nozzle which makes it easy to set up, and clean.
BUILT IN BATTERY & AIR COMPRESSOR: Normal Spray guns and air brushes require big air compressing machines that need to be plugged into the gun for it to work. NeedlePaint™ is built with a self-contained air compressor as well as a long-life battery to ensure you get the greatest performance and mobility for any project, anywhere!
USER FRIENDLY: NeedlePaint™ is the perfect tool for any beginner, student, or advanced artists, This is because of its easy operation and excellent skill base.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: NeedlePaint™ is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it wherever your next project leads you!


  • Motorcycle and car customization
  • Models and toys
  • Makeup and body painting
  • Create a temporary Tattoo