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125 Db safety alarm keychain


Make it your number one priority to keep those you care about safe when they need it most, our safety alarm is easily accessible and small enough to keep on a key chain. It is also very easy to use! just point the alarm away from your body when in danger, and click the button, when you are done using it just click the button again to turn it off.

"Extremely pleased with my personal alarm system. I feel much more secure in my every day life having it in my pocket or handbag. A friend recently had an unsettling experience in an outdoor parking lot of a grocery store, so I ordered this product for her. She was delighted to receive it and to have the added protection and peace of mind it offers."

-Jill Thompson From Chicago, IL

"Oh my WORD! This is SO loud! It's perfect to call attention to an unwanted situation or to call attention to anything where you may need assistance. I got me one and one for each of my kids. The pin releases easily BUT it doesn't seem to just fall out either so you can carry with ease and won't have to worry about setting it off. But if you do, it's easy to slip it right back in. However, it's so loud I wouldn't recommend taking the pin all the way out to test it. Your nerves will get the better of you and you'll fumble trying to reinsert it! Haha! A little pull will give you a real good idea what it's capable of, I promise."

Angelina Kelly From Palo Alto, CA

"Bought three for the young women in our family. They were all very happy with the ease of use and how LOUD it is. Would definitely buy again."

John Sheumaker From Los Angeles, CA


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