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Underwear Storage Box

Organization is key to living a
Healthy, Balanced Life
This Wardrobe Organizer helps to organize your whole wardrobe, while also giving it a clean look.
The Internal Grid has been changed and widened, the capacity, as well as the structural integrity has been improved and can now be used independently without worry of any deformation or bending.
Stay Calm and Stay Organized!
  • Space-Efficient
    This organizer is designed not only to create a more organized living space, but to also reduce the amount space needed to store your belongings, making your room clutter-free.

  • Customizable for different drawers
    with our different sizing of organizers you can customize every aspect of your closet or drawers.

  • High Quality Fabric
    Made of long-lasting mesh fabric well known for its durability as well  its Mold/Bacteria Resistance. It also very sturdy and you wont have to worry about the organizers shape deforming.

  • Foldable
    You are able to fold the organizers when you are not using them, making them perfect for practically any room  
  • Machine Washable
    our Organizer is machine washable and dryable


Name: Closet storage box set
Material: nylon material
Standard: 6 grids, 7 grids, 11 grids
Dimensions: as shown
  • capacity:

  • 6 compartments for bra storage: 6 fasteners can be stored, cups can be placed every day
  • 7 rack underwear storage: 14 weeks of underwear can be stored, increased inside the rack to increase capacity
  • 11 rack sock storage: 22 pairs of socks can be stored, and winter socks can also be placed

Package Includes:
1* Wardrobe Organizer (3 Pcs/set)